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Friday 21 November  2008


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Yelena Wedekind (USA Maryland)



I took time and read most of the Doug's articles. Really enjoyed them! Most of his articles are devoted to the different aspects of British life, but I have found something in common.

I think it would be very useful for every Russian woman living abroad to read his articles and understand a new life in English speaking society better.

I would like to add something to his thoughts. In the article about the British snobbery, Doug writes, "One big advantage for foreigners have: they do not fit our system." It can be true from the point of Brit, but not from the foreign wives themselves. Sure, we fit - but depends on our husbands' status. If one's husband is a redneck (sorry for American slang), his wife automatically "becomes" a redneck too. If one's husband is a top-executive, she is taken as his "equal" partner.

It happens because the women can easily be adapted to the husbands' life style. Even though the ability to enjoy equal rights through husbands' statuses could be overrated - as well by the Russian wives as by a new society itself.

Yet, the foreign wives still have difficulties to adapt to the society that has certain classes, in Russia we have classes too. Than more intelligent one is, than higher his status is. It is not so obvious as in the Great Britain but it does exist and for long time, since Russia was a monarchist country.

Another great article is Noises in November - I was watching TV-show before Halloween, and they mentioned Guy Fawkes. I was happy to meet his name in the Doug's article and know a little bit more than I did before.

American and British lives are so much alike, and I wish we could have more interesting articles in English on Lana's web-site.

Thank you very much.

Yelena Wedekind
(USA Maryland)


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