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Thursday  7 August  2008

DOUG R. (England)

Why Look East?


blondeI was wondering why Russian women attract western men.

My thoughts were prompted by Wimbledon. And it wasn’t just the tennis.

Ok, those Russian girls were mainly blonde and usually blue eyed.
In TV interviews they spoke English with a foreign accent, which somehow makes them more attractive.
I know how some accents. are incredibly attractive, at least in the short term.

Years ago I was amazed to be told by French friends how attractive their language sounds when spoken with an English accent.

I had always been embarrassed by ‘schoolboy’ French. Now it’s sexy apparently! But only in France, presumably.


Image and Reality.
Is that all there is to it?
These tennis players are ‘on the telly’ which doesn’t count. They aren’t real.
We are so inoculated by Hollywood ideas of a wonderful perfect woman. Unattainable? American films have dominated our fantasy world for many years.
We were happy with our dreams. As long as they remained dreams.

But the East-West cold war is over. Those dreams could become real.
This wonderful internet opens your stairway to the stars.

Well at least it has stimulated you to have a look around.
You will discover hundreds of lovely women and girls who appear on your computer screen as if by magic.
It is a kind of magic in its way.

Now you can amuse yourself for hours looking through thousands of photographs,
Just for fun you understand.


The WOW factor.
Then you see one photo that stands out. This girl is silently screaming at you.
That makes you think. What am I doing?

Hopefully some common sense will arrive from somewhere.
You know how photographs can be altered and generally messed about with by clever people with clever technology.
You know how easy it is to tell lies on the internet. If you don’t know, you soon will find out.

Intuition has discarded the girls not to your taste.
Eyes and your inbuilt guardian has ruled out fat ones if you don’t like fat girls, blonde ones if you don’t like blondes, tall or short ones are rejected or not according to your preferences and prejudices.
No one can or should influence you on these personal matters.
So what made you feel the WOW factor with this one?


Lonely Men are everywhere.
Is this you?
No one could fail to notice the recent growth of ‘marriage agencies’ or Introducing agencies’ Most newspapers carry their share of classified adverts suitably grouped for easy finding.
Dairy farmers in Wales have been putting their details on the sides of milk bottles, hoping to attract interest.
Country Life magazine had to stop their ‘lonely hearts’ column because the volume of entries became too much.
In France, ‘Love is in the Meadows’ (L’amour est dans le Pre) featured a goat farmer/breeder. It became a very popular TV series.
Australian farmers and miners joined a Rural Network agency.
This tuned out to be an organized scam with fictional women charging ever more money for fictional services which were never delivered.
Why are you looking here?


What is the Attraction?

beautyThe world of fashion is driven by excitement, by looking for ‘the next thing’, by finding the latest trend.
The August Italian version of Vogue magazine ordered a reprint because it featured a black model on the cover and only black models on inside pages.

 The only previous black model to achieve cover position was Naomi Campbell, and that was some years ago.

Recent fashion trends ranged from Asian to Arabian models.
Maybe blondes are going out of fashion? The current British Vogue features a redhead….

Is the trend having its effect on you?
You don’t have to travel to Russia to find blondes. It is easier and cheaper to go to Sweden or Denmark. They are all around you, wherever you live.
For you, this photograph must give a WOW for some other reason.


How will you know?
One man’s meat is another man’s poison. So it’s personal chemistry of course.
WOW can only be explained by this useful word chemistry, and between two people.
You have been stimulated into wanting more.
Maybe you appreciate her general awareness of femininity?
How does she walk, how does she sound when talks, how does she dress? What other characteristics does she have that attract you?

If everything else seems to say ‘yes’ there is only one way to turn image into reality.
Test the WOW.
You must meet.


While you are still anonymous.
Practical matters intrude on your dream. You can still step back. You have promised nothing. You need do nothing.

Maybe you should think why you are looking here?
Is it just for fun or curiosity? Are you feeling lonely? Bored?
This amusement has suddenly become serious, because it has become possible.
Think about what you expect. Do you seriously want to contact her?


Why not?
Because this isn’t just a photograph, it is a specific person who lives, eats and breathes.
You have the means to contact a living human being and potentially impact on her life and yours.

So march in the doubts, and line them up.
She is ten or more years younger than you.
She won’t be interested in someone as old as you.
She may have children. They may not like you, you may not like them.
What does she do for a living? Can you/she relate to the implied lifestyle?
If you are a plumber will you be happy with a University professor? And vice versa.

She probably can’t speak English and you certainly can’t speak Russian.
What then?


beautyYes but..
She has made her opening shot for your attention.
Now she has that attention, is it fair to encourage such an impossible relationship?

She has gone to some trouble and expense to announce her availability.
She has made the first move. Do you respond?

Who said ‘all’s fair in love and war’?
How strong is your WOW factor?

Women have always moved socially easier than men.
She can adapt to a new lifestyle better than you.
But it is far too early to worry about such things now.

If she claims to speak English the obvious first step is to try talking by telephone.
She may not have a phone.

Try communicating by email, if she has computer access. She can have these translated, thus disguising her real ability in English.


Image or Reality?
You can’t live with an image.
Did the WOW evaporate at your first meeting, or is the chemistry there?
Without it, you have no realistic future together.

Take time to explore each other.
Is the original visual impact reinforced or destroyed?
What irritates? What gives pleasure? Those will only strengthen in time.
The limited time creates its own stress.

What important differences arise?
Do you laugh together?
Do you enjoy each other’s company?

Remember happiness for a woman is dinner with her husband.


DOUG R. (England)


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Published in Woman's Magazine Russian Woman Journal  www.russianwomanjournal.com - 7 August 2008

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